Admittedly, I overpack for most day hikes as I like to always have the "10 Essentials" with me, even if I'm relatively close to the trailhead because conditions can change fast or you may end up helping someone else out on the trail (or finding trash to pick up). Don't feel as though you need a 40L backpack, but small day and waist packs (AKA fanny pack) are handy for most everything on the list below.

And here's a great resource for area places to hike!

Day Hiking or Nature Walks

  • Re-Usable Water Bottle(s)* (All Nalgene bottles are 10% off when buying for a trip)
  • Water* — 2 liters for shorter trips / 4 liters for full-day (we have free reverse-osmosis filtered water) 
  • Snacks*
  • Binoculars
  • Smart Phone / Camera 
  • Light-Weight Hiking Boots or Sturdy Trail/Walking Shoes (broken in)
  • Jacket / Sweatshirt
  • Extra Pair of Socks
  • Rain Gear (lightweight poncho*, waterproof hooded parka, and rain pants)
  • Sunglasses*
  • Sunscreen*
  • Sun Hat* or Baseball Hat*
  • Insect Repellent* (including ticks)
  • Hiking / Trekking Poles* 
  • Day Pack or Waist Pack* 
  • Field guide of special interest to you

* Items available in our shop.