"Life is like
riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance
you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstein

Woods & Waters is here to keep you moving!

From tune-ups to upgrades, Woods & Waters offers a "wrenching" hand to get your bike back on the road, gravel, or trail. If we're able, for quick repairs, we'll tackle while you wait or fix and get it done the same-day. We see many types of bicycles — from classic cruisers, older mountain bikes, to current-day gravel and fat tire bikes — and we're here for all of them. We also sell lubricants, brake pads, grips, tubes, tires, and other bike-related parts and accessories you may need while "up north" or in the "Yoop" (including bike helmets).

  • Discover a flat tube or a rotted out tire?
  • Broken or frozen chain?
  • Poor shifting?
  • Need a complete tune-up?
  • Interested in going tubeless?
  • Have a direct-to-consumer bike needing assembling? 
  • Want to geek out upgrading a headset, rims, bearings?
  • Looking to buy a new bike?

Bike Repair Rates

  • Bike pickup/ drop off: $15
    (LCI area — Wednesdays & Sundays)
  • Standard Bike Tune Up: $85
  • Tire/Tube Change: $15 /per tire
  • Wheel Truing: $22.50 / $45 /per wheel 
    (rate depends how out of true wheel is)
  • Build a Direct-to-Consumer Bike: $100 (starting)
    (AKA bike in a box)
  • Install Seat: $15
  • Install Pedals: $15
  • Shop rate: $75.00 /hour 
    (billed per tenth of an hour)
  • 10% Discount on parts installed during repairs
  • Bike Wash: $15 
    (for any bike requiring cleaning for repairs)
  • Custom repair quotes available

We're open 7-days a week from May 1–first weekend in October. And even in the off-season, we can take on longer-term projects or tune-ups. And if you have something we can't handle, we can transport your bike to our friends in Grand Rapids at Biked to tackle (with a transport fee) — including rebuilding suspensions. Want to read more? Check out our blog article about bike repairs.