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"How" to Kayak: Part I

There are three simple rules in kayaking. Rule #1 is don't freak out. Rule # 2 is don't freak out. Can you guess what Rule #3 is? Nope! Rule #3 is to have fun!

Bike Repairs for Summer Tourists, Summer Residents, and Year-Round Residents in the Eastern UP

Thought we only did water-based activities and rentals? Well think again! "Woods" is the first half of our name, and directly connects to our love of doing things on land (and in the woods) like hiking and BIKING. And sometimes bikes need repairs and we're here for your two-wheeled bicycle repair needs.

Visiting the Les Cheneuax Islands: AI vs. Sue's AI (a.k.a. Sue's Awesome Insights)

AI may be touted as the next thing since sliced bread, but it can't yet write based on first-hand knowledge. Instead of relying on AI's mediocre reasoning for visiting the Les Cheneaux Islands, use Sue's AI (a.k.a. Sue's Awesome Insights)! This travel guide provides lots of details to consider when visiting this area of Michigan.

The Microadventure Mindset

Develop a microadventure mindset by being curious, surprised, and exploring every day. Microadventures are do-able every day and can reduce stress, boost your attention span, and benefit your psyche. Let's get going!

Choosing the Road Less Taken

Instead of joining the herd of tourists going to all the same places as everyone else, consider what a difference choosing your own road may make in the things you see and experience as well as to all the small businesses, communities, or lesser-known destination along your way.

Why Take a Guided Kayaking Trip Instead of Renting

Paying for a guided tour may cost more, but guided trips are priceless for reasons unrelated to the sticker price. Here are our thoughts as to whether a guided kayaking adventure may actually be the experience you're seeking to make your vacation awesome and memorable.

Your Perfect Summer Day — Spend It Kayaking With Us!

How would you spend a perfect summer day? We think spending it on the water disconnecting and reconnecting (along with a gourmet picnic lunch) fits the bill. And really, what is a perfect day supposed to be about?

WOW! Women On Water Trips

Women interested in outdoor activities can benefit from opportunities to be surrounding and supported by just women — learning, sharing, and relaxing without having to show-up meeting any social norms of beauty or how a woman should behave. Our women-only WOW! trips are exactly these opportunities for you to spend time with your daughters, cousins, aunts, sisters, wives, and friends.

Renting Kayaks, Paddle Boards, and Bikes from Woods & Waters

Renting kayaks, SUPs, and bikes from Woods & Waters has many benefits to you — and we can pick-up and deliver!

The story behind my old Outward Bound cup

I left home during Labor Day weekend in 1993. I was a much grittier person who came back.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Why we "make" you wear a wetsuit when padding either early or late in the season. We aren't jerks looking to make you feel body conscious or awkward — we are looking out for your comfort and safety when the water is chilly, or downright cold!

What? You changed the logo? And the name?

Our re-branding story in the evolution into Woods & Waters from the previous owner's Woods & Water Ecotours.