Fat Tire Bikes

You might have heard about fat tire bikes and the name is not insulting — it refers to their super wide (or "fat") tires on them. These fat tires make them a very different bike-riding experience because the fat tires provide a LOT of friction which makes them a slower ride. Although they aren't designed for fast-paced rides, they are very suitable for winter for ice and snow with added traction. They are also useful in sandy areas too because the fatter tires disperse rider weight allowing more float instead of sinking into soft trails. Despite their unique terrain capabilities, fat tires can be ridden on roads and gravel too as they roll over pretty much everything you encounter. Come and check one out in person. We carry Rocky Mountain Blizzards, usually in frame sizes S through XL.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are a popular category of bikes. They are essentially a blending of a road bike (drop handlebars) and a traditional mountain bike (nubby tires). However, the tires on gravel bikes aren't typically as wide as the original mountain bikes allowing gravel bikes to zip right along on roads — whether they be dirt, gravel, or asphalt. We have Rocky Mountain Solos for your adventures, usually in frame sizes XS through XL.

All-Around Adventure & Mountain Bikes

The Rocky Mountain Soul is an all-around adventure bike that essentially is a "basic" mountain bike — upright handle bars and nubby tires for going just about anywhere both comfortably and in-style. Along with the Soul, we also have limited sizes of Growlers (a mountain bikes with beefier tires and suspension), the Fusion hard tail, and youth mountain bikes available for rental. The Soul is available in frame sizes XS through L.