Sunrise Kayak Tour

These early birds start paddling in darkness, using solar lanterns for illumination, and earn a front-row seat for the break of dawn. After sunrise, enjoy seeing what was once hidden in the dark. Upon eventually returning to shore, know you'll have earned that cup of coffee! 

  • Offered by request.
  • Late July through September are the "best" because dawn occurs later (avoid the early 4:45 AM June starts!) 
  • If you are staying in the area, we'd love to get all your equipment fitted the day before. 
  • We require tandems (unless experienced kayakers) since it is indeed always darkest before the dawn. 
  • All levels welcome.
  • Age minimum: mature teens.

Note: Although we can take requests for a tour route, we will always pick the best place to paddle depending on the day's forecast. All guided kayaking trips include top-quality sea kayaks, all associated gear, and trained kayak guide. Every trip starts with a beach talk where we teach basic kayaking information.


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