Personalized Kayak Paddling Lessons

Learn new skills, or brush up on skills you haven't practiced in recent memory, from people who spend lots of time on the water. Personalized and private lessons are available to improve kayaking stroke skills, gain confidence in bigger water, practice wet exits and rescues, and hone risk management. Build a great foundation for continued self-improvement and practice for beginners and intermediate paddlers, or can be tailored to cover specific advanced skills — self-rescues, bow rudders, or rolling. Lessons are also great if you are looking to rent solo sea kayaks for multiple days in the Les Cheneaux Islands. 

  • Lessons are available one-on-one, or up to five people.
  • Length of lessons can vary based on individual needs and topics.
  • All kayaking gear, including wetsuits are provided. 
  • You can use your own boat! 
  • You will get wet and will want extra clothes, a towel, and maybe even a thermos of hot cocoa. 


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