A bright blue kayak in the foreground is trailing two other kayaks on a calm and slightly foggy morning as they paddle along the cedar-lined shore of Government Island in Lake Huron's Les Cheneaux Islands while on a Bigger Dipper kayak tour.

A smiling couple stands in clear waist-deep water in Lake Huron's Les Cheneaux Islands while taking a break on a Bigger Dipper kayaking tour.

The Bigger Dipper Kayak Tour

Offered Daily @ 8:00 am

We like to start these trips earlier in the day to take advantage of Lake Huron's usually calm mornings. A custom start time can usually be accommodated — give us a call.



The Bigger Dipper tour, a guest and guide favorite, expands both the possibilities of where we can paddle in the Les Cheneaux and provides more time to disconnect from technology, enjoy kayaking, and be immersed in nature. With multiple launch spots and dozens of miles of shoreline in the Hessel and Cedarville area — there are so many options where we can go, including Drummond Island, DeTour Peninsula, Wilderness State Park & Waugoshance Point, the Mackinac Straits from Straits State Park, or St. Martin's & Horseshoe Bays.

Bigger Dippers trips include a short break to take pictures, have a snack, stretch legs, or even take a quick swim. Short hikes may be possible depending on the location and the paddling speed of the tour group. Talk to us if you've already seen one part of the islands on a previous trip with us and we will do our best to bring you to a new area. Additionally, Bigger Dipper paddles can be a great way to do an extended "sea trial" with a kayak you are considering buying.

Where Offered:

  • Les Cheneaux Islands (daily)
  • Drummond Island (by request)*
  • Straits State Park in St. Ignace (by request)*
  • Wilderness State Park (by request)*
  • Charlotte River & Neebish Island (by request)*

Paddling time averages 3.5 hours on the water (4-ish hours with the break). All levels welcome. 

If you're wondering about the value of a guided kayak tour experience, read our thoughts about why you should join a kayak trip in this blog post Why Take a Guided Kayaking Trip Instead of Renting.

* Trips outside the Les Cheneaux area require a 4 person minimum. Conditions outside the islands can be more finicky, so flexibility with swapping locations, time, or days is recommended.

Note: Although we can take requests for a tour route, we will always pick the best place to paddle depending on the day's forecast. All guided kayaking trips include top-quality sea kayaks, all associated gear, and trained kayak guide. Every trip starts with a beach talk where we teach basic kayaking information.