Equipment Rentals

Woods and Waters may love taking people out on guided adventures — but we also have rentals for those looking to adventure independently. Rentals are also great for people visiting the area and unable to bring their own equipment to the Les Cheneaux or the eastern Upper Peninsula. We've all been there when we realize there simply isn't enough room or not enough time to pack everything. We are happy to be the resource for making your vacation even better! We carry Glide, P&H, Venture, Current Designs, Ocean Kayaks, Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Werner, Astral, NRS, Kokatat, and Rocky Mountain equipment.

Click here for this season's rental rate PDF.

Did you know?

  1. Most of our bikes and boats are between 1–3 years old — some are brand new each season!

  2. We rent high-quality bikes, kayaks, and paddle boards (SUPs).

  3. Rentals can be from 2-hours to multiple days.

  4. A one-day rental can be either an 8-hour day or one 24-hour period (like, from 10:00 a.m. Tuesday to 10:00 a.m. Wednesday).  

  5. The daily rate decreases the more days gear is rented.

  6. Deliveries and pick-ups in the LCI area are FREE (St. Martin's Point to McKay Bay).

  7. We will deliver beyond the Les Cheneaux for a fee. We will give you a quote if you know the address.

  8. All necessary gear is provided with the rental: bike helmet, life jacket (PFD), paddle, etc. 

  9. We also help plan where to go based on the conditions, your skills, and what you are looking to do.



Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

Stand-up paddle boards, often called SUPs (say it like the first syllable of the word "supper"), are a popular way to get out on the water. We have both beginner-friendly and more advanced boards to rent, as well as some inflatable versions. The brand we carry is Glide which are made in Salt Lake City and have a super durable coating on them making them well-suited to our rocky shorelines. If you are new to the sport, you want a wider board for stability.

We also offer SUP lessons too which are a great way to go out and learn the basics before your rental. Lessons last about 2 hours. When making a reservation, let us know if you're interested.



Sit-On-Top Kayaks

We have several types of sit-on-top kayaks to rent — including solo (one person) and tandem (two people). We also have the Perception Rambler 135s which allow you to paddle with a kid or a dog sitting in-between the front and rear paddlers. All or tandem sit-on-tops can also be paddled by one person simply be placing one seat into the center position — meaning if you are looking to rent a versatile boat for a days or the whole week of your cabin rental in the Les Cheneaux, these boats are really flexible. Some of the boats are also functional for kayak fishing.


Fishing Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Wanting to go fishing while visiting the Les Cheneaux Islands? There are some wonderful quiet spots you can reach even on a sit-on-top! The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 is a solid option for kayak fishing, but we also have the Wilderness Systems Targa 130 which has "lawn-chair" seats that can be positioned facing forward, or one forward and one reverse — great for venturing out with a friend so you can swap fish tales. We also have the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 as well.

Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are our jam — and our fleet is well rounded with many different offerings. Just like shoes, there are boats that fit each person better or are more well-suited to the type of padding they want to pursue. We also have tandem seat kayaks available for rent, which can be a great option — especially if you're looking to go camping on Government Island.

You can also rent in order to test-drive a boat you may be considering ordering. We are an official dealer for both P&H and Current Designs.

Safety is important, so don't be offended when we want discuss your skills and maybe encourage you to take either a wet exit crash course or a private kayaking lesson. 


We only have one canoe in our fleet because most people prefer kayaks, so if you are looking to rent our canoe, don't procrastinate booking it for the dates you need it. This is a very stable Old Town.

Fat Tire Bikes

You might have heard about fat tire bikes ‚ because they have super wide (or "fat") tires on them. These fat tires make them a very different bike-riding experience because the fat tires provide a LOT of friction. This is why fat bikes are suitable in the winter for ice and snow. They are also useful in sandy areas too. But they can be ridden on roads and gravel too. You might just have to come and check one out in person. We carry Rocky Mountain Blizzards.


Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are also a popular "new" category of bikes. They are essentially a blending of a road bike (drop handlebars) and a traditional mountain bike (nubby tires). However, the tires on gravel bikes aren't typically as wide as the original mountain bikes allowing gravel bikes to zip right along on roads — whether they be dirt, gravel, or asphalt. We have Rocky Mountain Solos for your adventures.


All-Around and Mountain Bikes

The Rocky Mountain Soul is an all-around bike that essentially is a basic mountain bike — upright handle bars and nubby tires for going just about anywhere both comfortably and in-style. Along with the Soul, we also several Growler models (true mountain bikes with beefier tires and suspension) and several youth mountain bikes available for rental.