Normally we run small lodge-based trips on Isle Royale that are limited to 10–12 people, plus two guides. Unfortunately, Rock Harbor Lodge has notified us that they are denying reservations for guided-group travel for 2022. We are hopeful for resuming our 4-, 5-, and 6-night trips to the island in 2023. Please contact us to be added to our notification list.

Discover Michigan’s wild, remote, and only National Park — Isle Royale. First authorized by Herbert Hoover in 1931 and further designated as official Wilderness by Congress in 1976, this Lake Superior island and its 400 island archipelago is a place where natural beauty surrounds and embraces its visitors in an intimate encounter. Kayak Tobin Harbor at dusk where loon calls echo over the water, hike to the northern terminus of the Greenstone Trail and admire Lookout Louise’s stunning view toward Canada's Sleeping Giant, and gain knowledge daily about the flora and fauna that live, thrive, and survive here. We look forward to sharing the crystal clear near shore waters, boreal forest, and historical sights with you. 

  • We reserve the right to run a trip with fewer participants, but minimum number of guests for any trip is 6.


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